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Why Sustainability and Quality Metal Finishing Go Hand-in-Hand

Environmental sustainability has proven to be a driving force behind many business decisions (and investor decisions) in the 2020s. However, metal finishing isn’t traditionally viewed as a green manufacturing industry. At Metal Finishing Technologies, we take our green story seriously. Here are a few of the ways that quality metal finishing and sustainability are more compatible than you may think.

Quality Finishing Operations Reduce Hazardous Waste

The misleading reputation of metal finishing as a non-green industry comes from a past history of reckless and poor quality operations that have left behind groundwater pollution and the need for waste cleanup projects. In fact, 15% of hazardous waste cleanups managed by the DTSC include some type of metal finishing operation, usually due to improper disposal and environmental contamination from heavy metals, hexavalent chromium, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This is where a high-quality metal finishing house flips the script and makes the biggest difference. Sustainable finishing houses like MFT are able to balance the need for environmentally-sensitive products like cadmium plating with strict EPA emissions standards and OSHA regulations. We invest carefully in technology and processes that comply with environmental rules while also increasing turnaround times (due to the lean efficiency and cleanliness of our operations).

The state-of-the-art waste treatment systems at MFT are one example of how we meet or exceed local, state, and federal regulations designed to protect the environment. We’re able to control both waste and cost by maintaining complete chemical integrity. Our systems not only live up to today's standards but prepare us to grow and operate into the future with reliability and safety.

Quality Metal Plating Extends the Life Cycle of Your Parts

A superior plating job directly improves your overall environmental impact by extending the life cycle of aerospace, industrial, military, commercial, and other commonly plated components. A longer life cycle reduces the need for maintenance and means fewer replacements over the years — ultimately reducing waste and potential environmental impacts. 

A Sustainable Mindset Protects Your Brand

The ever-evolving regulatory landscape of metal plating and finishing operations creates innate risks. Working with a less sustainability-minded metal finishing house can expose your company to potential repercussions if you fall awry of environmental targets. Government agencies, investors, and end users are all watching.

Over time, laws and regulations tend towards increased strictness. If your company is not engaging in impactful initiatives now, what happens in five years? Businesses do not want to be caught unprepared and unable to comply with new and rapidly changing standards. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and lead the way to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Metal Finishing Reduces Energy Costs

Energy conservation measures or “ECM” are a type of upgrade, retrofit, repair, or replacement that an organization can put in place to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. Not only can an ECM project reduce operating costs, but it can also provide functional benefits. When a business updates or replaces old, obsolete equipment, for newer, more efficient, and more reliable solutions, business operations are bound to improve as well.

At MFT, we’ve implemented a series of robust energy conservation measures (ECM) at our 70,000-square-foot facility that are projected to result in nearly $2 million in energy cost savings. Working closely with contractor Design With Nature, MFT allocated more than $650,000 towards the installation of high-efficiency transformers, HVAC air handling units, compressors, interior LED lighting, and windows. These changes will reduce energy costs by approximately $1.9 million over the effective useful life of the ECMs.

This is sustainable, fine-quality metal finishing in action. Our savings from a more sustainable facility help us to reinvest in high-quality equipment and deliver world-class results for our customers.

Environmental Stewardship is Your Competitive Advantage

Between cleaner operations, extended part life, peace of mind about compliance, and reduced energy costs, MFT is proud to be your competitive advantage. Get in touch or request a quote today to let us know what sort of environmentally-friendly, fine-quality metal finishing work you need done. We’re ready to get started.

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