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How We Handle Cadmium Plating as a Green Metal Finishing Company

Many metal components are coated with cadmium for its cost-effective corrosion resistance, salt spray protection, and other protective benefits of cadmium plating. This soft, tin-like metal is generally used as an overplate and a sacrificial coating for steel or aluminum parts — especially in the aerospace industry.

Is Cadmium Plating Toxic?

Although it’s a true workhorse for heavy-duty commercial metal plating and MRO applications, cadmium plating also requires extreme care. The cadmium itself is a toxic material and must be applied to substrates under expert conditions that are subject to significant regulatory oversight.

In order to qualify as a reliable service provider for cadmium plating, metal finishing companies must have a demonstrated track record of:

  • plating proficiency
  • ability to deal with regulatory issues
  • environmentally-effective material handling capabilities

At Metal Finishing Technologies, we take these considerations seriously in all of our processes.

Fully Certified & Compliant Cadmium Plating Services

Our FAA Repair Station is certified to apply electrodeposited cadmium coatings as prescribed in Standard Practice and Operating Procedure (SPOP) 21. We work with specifications including QQ-P-416 and ASTM B766.

Safe and environmentally sound practices are a priority for MFT. Our sustainable metal plating company not only complies with or exceeds regulatory and legal requirements, but goes the extra mile to protect our environment and our workers from health and safety risks.

Environmental Stewardship Is a Cornerstone of Our Metal Finishing Company

The toxicity involved in cadmium plating processes must be thoroughly mitigated to avoid risks to the environment. We’re fully committed to our green story as environmental stewards in a traditionally non-green industry. MFT supports its sustainability promise at all levels of our daily activities and company culture, including the involvement of third-party consultants and laboratories (to verify results and pursue new technologies and ideas).

100% Commitment to Training and PPE

We keep our staff safe. MFT continually trains our staff on the safe handling and application of cadmium and provides high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use in all environments that include exposure risks. 

Wastewater, Groundwater & Aerial Contaminants

MFT monitors all areas in and around our facility for contamination and toxicity to affirm safe and eco-friendly practices. An improperly handled cadmium plating process can leave toxic residues in the air, wastewater, and groundwater. 

We prioritize robust wastewater treatment processes and the use of air scrubbers to protect the environment, our employees, and our community. With constant air and groundwater monitoring in place, the positive impact of our mitigation efforts is always visible. MFT is currently participating in a 30-year groundwater monitoring and compliance program and is expected to acquire our Stewardship Permit in 2022.

Do you have any cadmium plating work coming up? Working with a green metal finishing company makes a difference in metal plating and MRO. Get in touch with your needs, and we’ll complete your cad plating with processes that keep our planet and our people safe.

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