Stainless steel passivation

Benefits of High Volume Automated Stainless Steel Passivation

Stainless steel is innately resistant to rust, but not immune. Any free iron on the surface of the metal can lead to corrosion and pitting over time. While a protective layer naturally forms on the surface of stainless steel in its natural state, it is thin and vulnerable to damage during cleaning.

Through the application of an acid solution, you can build up a thicker “passive” film on the surface of your components — a process called passivation of stainless steel. This reduces the reactivity of the metal, deterring oxidation, mild chemical attacks, rust, and contamination. 

A high-volume automated passivation process removes free iron from the surface of large quantities of components quickly, without plating or other expensive or complex modifications. The passive layer is transparent, chemically inert, and quietly preserves the integrity of the stainless steel for years to come.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Passivation With MFT

Passivation boosts the performance, cleanliness, and aesthetics of stainless steel parts. Aerospace, military, medical, industrial, and many other industries stand to benefit from increased metal quality or sterilization. At MFT, our high-volume passivation process gives manufacturers and OEMs an automated, cost-effective, and consistent way to enhance and protect their parts en masse.

Nadcap Certified

We’re proud to offer Nadcap-certified surface finishings to all of our partners. Metal Finishing Technologies maintains rigorous statistical process control and quality management programs, enabling us to obtain ISO 9001, AS9100, and Nadcap certifications for our plating and passivation capabilities. With MFT, you can count on high-quality finishes with complete chemical integrity from the first piece to the last of any high-volume job run.

Our copper sulfate, high humidity, and salt spray tests ensure reliable results and improved corrosion resistance on your components. Compliance is a priority for MFT — our salt spray tests meet the requirements of ASTM B117 and our high humidity test chamber is fully Nadcap compliant.

Environmentally Clean

You don’t need to be concerned about conservation and waste management when you use MFT for high-volume passivation and pickling of stainless steel. We embrace our role as environmental stewards, and we’ve worked hard to ensure our process is always clean and sustainable. 

Not only do our metal passivation solutions comply with all local, state, and federal regulations, but they’ll actually reduce your costs. MFT’s focus on efficiency and a sustainable approach has translated into streamlined processes, more energy-efficient technologies, reduced waste, and leaner operations. We leverage the greenest and safest chemicals and solutions while constantly monitoring groundwater, surface water, and the environment around our facility. 

Extended Maintenance Intervals

At high volumes, the effects of automated passivation can be felt throughout your operation and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Metal passivation treatments prevent unplanned system shutdowns and eliminate production risks due to component damage or contamination. With less need to restore or clean your stainless steel components, you can extend maintenance intervals, ultimately cutting downtime and saving money.

Preserve Desired Component Qualities

Rust compromises a component’s structure and precision. It’s also an insulator. Equipment such as transducers experience decreased flow of electricity when they corrode, compromising measurement accuracy. When you passivate your parts, you preserve the specific qualities that led to the selection of these metals in the first place. As an additional benefit, discoloration and unwanted textures on aged materials will be restored to a newer, aesthetically pleasing appearance after passivation of stainless steel.

No Volume Is Too Large

Contact MFT today with the details of your project to learn more about our high-volume automated passivation solutions and request a quote. We handle large volumes of work with industry-leading turnaround times that will keep your business moving and your components protected.

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